.....in your heart.

Drops on the dead petals Beauty lasts forever
How lucky am I !
Pearl & Pearls
Thank you everyone for your vote and comment. 
I appreciate it. Pink Sapphire
Your diamond
Golden Hour
Sakura's life❀
Who are you?
Don't cry, I'm here for you
Dandelion Art
Dandelion art 2
Blushing Pearl
Petal's story
A Flower Story
Jewel of an island
Before we fly away
Heart Object
Heart object 2
Early morning dew
Till the end
The explorer
Past memories
Peace & Quiet
Dress up flower
Sweet Perfume
A beautiful little world
Drizzly day
ballet dancers
The drinker
Sweet Water
dandelion art
Fade out
With umbrella
Shining water
Emerald raindrop
Many thanks everyone for your votes and comments.
I appreciate it. Ephemeral Beauty
seeds of life
Best Friends Forever
Come a Little Bit Closer
Sign of spring
Water Candy
Make up flower
Mystic Pearl
I'll protect you
Alone Together
In the reflections
Petals's love
Abstract Red & Blue
Life is...
-20c and river fog
I couldn't see the river White Christmas
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I really appreciate it. Grace
Floral Drop
Winter Miracle
Cuddle Up A Little Closer
Magical Seed
I have a white tummy
Dandelion Restaurant
Water Mirror
Six Ladies
PK & YL on the WT
between you & me
Fog & Sunlight
Rainbow carpet
Take a rest
Rainy flower
If you're alone, I'll be your shadow. If you want to cry, I'll be your shoulder. If you want a hug, I'll be your pillow. If you’re happy, I'll be your smile. But anytime you need a friend, I'll just be me.

Author unknown If you're alone
web necklace
Chorus of the lights
Blessed Autumn Rain
Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a happy new year. Light of Hope
Color Wave
than the drop... I like dance better
Take off
Blurry hand :( For me?
Warm feeling
Diamonds Rain
Red Tear
And ripples
On the wave
Milky Way
The Thinker
Earth last forever
Drops on the dandelion seeds
Until death do us part
Walk on the Ocean
After the shower
For my mom Dancing Queen
Gift from the baby's breath
Peach water
Diamond Trap
Toward the light
Autumn morning
ant,water,flower But I can't swim
I found it
Better Together
Droplets necklace
The Droplet
Sunset with the elms
Five Star
Last tears of faded flower
Want a bite?
Autumn in water
My Candy
The best time to see autumn leaves has gone but it was still beautiful At the end of autumn
Silver world
In the early light
Thank you for your vote and comment, I really appreciate it. Pastel Rain
Two planets
A gift from silky rain
Water Azalea
Serene morning
I was very lucky today, calm and no fog.
The surface of water looked like mirror,it was amazing.
Lake Mashū without fog
Field of flowers
Diamond seeds
The blue
It's an artificial pond created by accident when a dam was erected to protect the region from mudflows that might occur from the nearby volcano on mountain.
The blue color of the pond has not been fully explained but is attributed to the presence of aluminum hydroxide in the water that reflects the shorter wavelength blue light the same way the earth's atmosphere does.

The color of the pond changes depending on what angle you look at it from and even at different times of the day.
The water appears blue when viewed from the land, but the color is not found in the water itself. Aoi Ike
Drop on the dead flower petal The last gift
Penketo Akan Hokkaido
I long for spring
In pursuit of light
The lake is one of the clearest in the world and one of the deepest in Japan.On August 1, 1931 the transparency of the water was measured at 41.6 metres. Lake Baikal was measured around the same time measured 40.5 metres.

In summer, the surface of Lake Mashū is often obscured by fog. Foggy Lake Mashū
Spring Dew
Fireworks of seeds
Wishing you a new year filled with new hope,new joy and new beginnings.
Happy New Year, 2013 Innocence
Sun shower
A clear summer day
It is the tallest mountain in Hokkaido, Japan (2,290m 7513f)
The mountain lies within the Taisetsuzan National Park in Kamikawa
By September, signs of autumn begin to approach there
It's Japan's earliest autumn leaves.
Mt Asahi
summer rain
Diamonds from heaven
Universe II
Winter is coming In the bright morning light
A farm
Misty morning
aquamarine necklace
Little princes
Light and Bokeh
Look at the world
At the end of summer
Three graces
Pure White
I took this water drop just flowing from the faucet, I put the shining paper in the background, and used flash.
I wanted a faster shutter speed, but my kitchen doesn't have enough lights, so 1/8 was the best, I have over 100 pics that I failed.
Not photoshop, just changed saturation. thanks Magic from faucet
Nice to meet you
A small summer scenery
Wish to be reborn
A hot day
A long way to see you
Emerald Ocean
Dripping Rose
Rainbow magic
My wings
Abandoned beauty
Lake Mashu Mirror Lake
An actress
Curious squirrel
Autumn pearls
Veiled flowers
Dandelion Clock
Lake Mashu filled with fog at dawn. 3 am A new day
Blue and White
An angel from heaven
With the little vase
Under the sun
Faint petals
Bridge in the sunset
Malva Sylvestris
Japanese garden
Dream tree
Little flowers
Yum yum
桜 Sakura
busy little guy
Thinking time
Flower in drop
Shall we?
Crystal Tears
A waterfall
Red Ocean
never let me go
Cold river sunrise
Golden Morning
Footprints of seed
Object for a Peaceful World
Wish you and your loved ones the best for 2014! Lucky ant
Bright shiny morning
Light in the dark
Golden wave
dandelion art
Deep Blue
Green & Green
Taken at night with my car headlights and LED flash light. Diamond of a spring night
Early Spring Sunrise
What do you see?
Break time
How do I look?
One summer day
1st June,Lake Kussharo
Witch's broom
Alone but never alone
A walk
Treasure Hunter
Ant Bar